Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Talk- Big Talk

While I was listening to Big Talk, I just happened to be in the car with my boyfriend and almost right away he said, “This band reminds me of the Killers.” My response was, “I get more of a The Cars vibe.” He replied, snarkily, “They’re pretty much the same thing,” and honestly there are a lot of similarities. After getting home and reading up a little on the band I found out that the drummer from the Killers is responsible for most of the vocal and instrumental work in Big Talk. Insert foot in mouth. But in all seriousness, the album is interesting but it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. There are a handful of tracks that have the same pop rock power that you would find in a hit by the Killers, but it just doesn’t sound unique anymore. I enjoyed the album and there are some great songs but I don’t think it’s an album that anyone needs to listen to. All in all listen to Big Talk if you miss the killers, but if you are looking for something more you are not going to find it on this album.

Final Review- 70

Best Songs- Replica, No Whiskey, Getaways

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